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By Pat Harrison

So you've managed to get yourself a nice new Jeep. You wrangled, traded, scrimped, and saved; made unmentionable deals with the devil, the bank and maybe even your significant other but you've got it! A few preliminary mods and you’re off to join a few other like minded nutcases to explore the back roads, trails and wilderness of this beautiful country we live in. Before long the trail deteriorates into an overgrown goat path and you're in the middle of the pack so there's no backing out. You grit your teeth and turn up the stereo so you can't hear the  sound of your paint job heading south and hope that it won't be too bad. Once the dust settles, the mud dries and a new day dawns, you wash that new pride and joy and sure enough it's looking worse for the wear...and that was just one outing. What can you do to prevent trashing that nice new jeep you worked so hard to get? Trailskinz...that's what you’re going to do.

Trailskinz were born on the tight trails of B.C. to help prevent the rampant ' bush pin striping ' that some wheelers feel are a necessary part of being a hardcore Jeeper. Maybe you, your bank or your significant other don't agree. Available for YJ's, TJ's and both models of the new JK these REMOVEABLE custom cut sheet magnetic panels are vehicle rated and go on and off in minutes.  With three years of production behind them, they have proven themselves to be a viable product to get out onto the less traveled or overgrown trails while preserving your Jeep’s finish.

Trailskinz is a truly home-grown company started with the help and participation of many BC Jeep Club members. New products are coming on line such as Rockerguardz, Pillarguardz, Limbriserz  and Hoodskinz to name a few. All designed to help protect the vulnerable finish on the new JK’s. A few high quality aftermarket items will be making it onto the Trailskinz line up as well with Rotopax, Factor 55 Engineering, Awol Fabrication and off-road LED lighting being added to the mix. Recognizing the fact that there are literally hundreds of aftermarkets items and companies out there competing for your modding dollars, keeping the price down is a major philosophy at Trailskinz. That and keeping your shiny Jeep shiny. For more info on Trailskinz call or text 250-812-2311 or visit

December 12, 2012

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