The JKHM20/30 is a unique hoodmount designed to work for BOTH the Jeep JK AND  TJ hoods to mount EITHER a 20" or a 30" light bar. Simply swap the mounts from one side to the other to achieve the desired formation for your choice of light bar.

1. Remove oem hood hinge fasteners ONE SIDE AT A TIME.
2. Secure the mount over the hinge location allowing for a little adjustment.
3. With both mounts in position mount the light bar.
4. Gradually tighten fasteners to accommodate light bar.
5. Finish up by lightly torquing all fasteners.

Tamper proof fasteners are available for all thread patterns to add an element of security. Remember to cover all offroad lights and use responsibly. 



This JK Foglight Adapter Kit has been manufactured from stainless steel and is designed to mount a square led cube light into your round " oem " foglight location on stock Jeep JK bumpers as well as aftermarket ones that provide the oem mount pattern. 

1. Remove the oem foglight and retain the four fasteners ( sheet metal screws ).
2. Bend the side wings to fit your led cubes. 
3. Attach with stainless fasteners provided. Leave loose for adjustment.
4. Mount faceplate with fasteners provided. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN .
5. Slide assembly into place and adjust for fit prior to fastening.
6. Tourque all fasteners lightly to avoid stripping aluminum threads. 

Adjust lights so they are not adversely affecting other drivers. 



The Jeep JK Tail light mounts have been designed to be mounted atop the " oem " tail light and provide a universal mounting location for aftermarket back up lighting. Check for compatibility with any aftermarket tail lights by ensuring there is room for the fasteners provided without interfering with anything internally.  The inner faceplate ( non-powder coated ) acts as a large one piece internal washer to spread the load. Prior to drilling it is advisable to mock up your chosen aftermarket lights to ensure clearance and fit. Note the JKTLM mounts position the light safely around the corner of the Jeep Hardtop. 

1. Remove the tail light for access and mounting.
2. Use the mount as a template to mark four locations for drilling.
3. Assemble with inner faceplate in place using three stainless fasteners.
4. Route wiring through the fourth hole.
5. Repeat for opposite side.

Adjust your lights so they will not adversely affect other drivers. Consider a separate manually operated on/off switch to avoid issues. Enjoy being able to actually see when backing up now !



These Jeep JK Grill Mounts are designed to fit between the " OEM " grill slots. Check fitment for any aftermarket grills. 

1. Remove grill.
2. Pop out plastic retainers holding splash guard to side of radiator assembly.
3. Install clip nuts.
4. Reposition splash guard while mounting with fasteners. 
5. Before replacing grill test fit light bar. 
6. Go ahead and bend the mounts within reason to create a good fit. 
7. Now replace grill.
8. Mount light bar.

Tamper proof fasteners are available for all thread patterns to add an element of security. Remember to cover all offroad lights and use responsibly. 

designed with the extra ability to mount a 50" led lightbar across the top of the windshield.


Jeep JK Lower Pillarmounts ( JKLM ) , JK Pillarmounts ( JKPM ) and JK Pillarguards ( JKPM ) Installation tips and suggestions.

Installing either the Lower Pillarmounts,Pillarmounts or Pillarguards is quite straightforward as the process normally uses the four oem fasteners from your Jeep model JK/JKU. On some jeeps the lowest fastener is captured deeper inside the windshield frame and requires a longer fastener. One has been provided for each side. In the case of the Lower Pillarmounts all four have been provided and you can just use them. For best results using the original oem fasteners follow the procedure outlined below. If you are graduating to fancy aftermarket fasteners all around then skip this instructional and go pour yourself a congratulatory beer. Do yourself a favour though and stick with stainless steel. Your size for reference will be M8-1.25x35mm. 

1. Remove all four upper oem fasteners at the windshield bracket. ( We intentionally left the lowest two for additional accesories ie: Mopar side view mirror attachment brackets for when running aftermarket / no doors.
2. Don't forget to include the rubber boot paint protection gasket while offering up the new custom formed aluminum product. 
3. HAND thread the three UPPERMOST fasteners ONLY at this point. NOTE : With these fasteners just finger tight you have a fairly wide range of adjustment for your lightbar or just to get the fit right.  
4. Incrementally tighten the three fasteners until the product is pulled firmly up against the Pillar at the bottom and lightly torqued to 40-60 ft/lbs. Note how the fit can be influenced during this procedure and tighten accordingly. These products are designed to gradually stand off the windshield pillar as you get further up. 
5. At this point the lowest fastener will grip by a few threads if you have a deep pillar nut. Tighten it by hand and call it done. Use care so as not to strip either thread at this location. Alternatively utilize the stainless fastener provided.

When combining the Limbrisers Add-On Kit with either of the Pillar mounted products keep in mind that hand tightening the turnbuckle can quickly produce a significant amount of pull. Take it easy here and just get that cable firm. It doesn't need to be striking a high note kind of tight.

Limbrisers tip. Set your tightness and lock it in with the 1/4" nc nut ( hand tight works here ) . Remove when not in use by detaching the hoodlatches and raising the hood just enough to get the Limbrisers off. When the need arises and the branches loom on the trail ahead just pop your hood and raise it a bit so your pre-set Limbrisers slip right on. Gently close the hood and don't forget to re-attach those hood latches.